Spray Services

We service you with five “deluxe” treatments providing you with a full year of quality-professional care for your trees
and shrubs.
Singles sprays are also available. We start the season by using a natural “Dormant Oil Treatment” that coats your trees and shrubs, smothering over-wintering insects, their eggs and in the process preventing an early outbreak; we follow that with four separate combination sprays of insecticides, miticides, fungicides or a combination of all depending on what is most needed for your trees and shrubs.


In the late fall we offer an additional, optional service when we can fertilize your trees and shrubs by directly injecting the root zone with a special blend of nutrients essential for the Northeast.

Our seasonally formulated treatments protect your trees and shrubs from unwanted populations of insects and diseases most common in the Northeast. We regularly inspect your property to identify any insect or disease activity, treat the trees and shrubs as needed, and manage any and all treatments to control infestations. Since Long Island has a big population of ticks and mosquitos we control these disease-spreading parasites with regular spraying activities to protect your property.



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