Whenever possible, we seek to use cultural and biological alternatives to harsh chemicals. We believe in a balanced maintenance of your trees and shrubs.

We use our custom blend of essential nutrients for deep-root fertilization, a process very beneficial in maintaining and restoring the health of trees that may be in decline. Through this process your trees will develop an increased root system resulting in noticeable results such as fuller blooms and enhanced color.

With our Soil Treatment and Aeration program we can reduce soil compaction allowing for improved movement of air and water to create a healthy root environment. We accomplish this by using professional equipment known as a Soil Auger or Air-Spade.

Root Collar Inspection and Service removes excess dirt and mulch to keep the base of the trunk dry and healthy. We also remove soil needed to expose roots for diagnosis and look for damaged and/or girdling roots which must be removed in
order to prevent stress and suffocation of your trees.

With proper care you can enjoy your trees and plants for many years.


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